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"how to energize it"

Mining Your Akashic Record

excerpt from Kryon

How would you like to get rid of your allergies and change your immune system? It's a little harder. You might ask,"Well, how do you do such a thing? Do you just think it away? I either have allergies or I don't. My cells are allergic."

Oh, really?

I'll tell you, dear ones, there are those in this room who have dropped their allergies because they realized they were holdovers for something they didn't need anymore.

They went into the Akashic Record and they got the pristine DNA from the one lifetime that was never allergic to anything!

That blueprint is still there!

It represented an immune system that was hardy and whole and never had disease. They were strong and never allergic to anything.

  • How would you like to not have sickness?
  • How would you like to have strength and energy beyond your years?

This is harder, you know? But it is so. Whatever you think you are can be re-written at the cellular level.

How would you like to have peace over everything in your life, no matter what? I didn't say the problems would go away.

  • I just asked how it would be to be peaceful about them?
  • How would you like to get rid of the drama and the worry? It's an interesting thing about drama issues: When the Lightworker does notwork karmic energy, drama disappears!
  • When you drop your karma, there is no reason to continue the drama about something you don't need anymore.

"Kryon, I dropped my karma years ago when I decided to change my path. This sounds like it's still there."

It's not that simple. Giving intent to drop your karma is like clearing the path before you. But now you have to get up and walk that path. The karmic attributes shout at you:"Pick me up... I'm yours!"

But then you remember as you walk that your intent has created a situation where you never have to pick them up. But they will always be around, talking to you.

This is difficult. Let me tell you, old soul, anyone who sits in this room, or any Lightworker reading this, has been through a spiritual revelation. You have been priests, you've been nuns, you've been shamans. You've gone through these things or you wouldn't sit in the chair or be reading this esoteric information.

In these medium Akashic attributes, you might say, you can develop a personality that is so peaceful that everybody wants to be with you.

  • That is the answer, is it not?
  • This is the peace that the masters had.
  • This is only the medium part, so I've just given you the starting point.
  • I've given you the simple.
  • I've given you the medium.