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The Timeline Cafe

" Life  Served as  You Order It"

HOPE not fear is the greatest motivator.


Humanity is currently undergoing the preparatory phase for its next evolutionary leap, and The TimeLine Café is here to help prepare humanity for this great leap FORWARD into a new age, a new era, a new state of being.

We are actively witnessing the dawning of a New Age . An age called the Age of Aquarius, and it is a long anticipated time, when we as a collective, are expected to transition from the ‘energetic chains’, which kept us trapped and enslaved within the drowsy slumber of a false reality. A dualistic reality which kept us separated, fearful and unaware of our true identity. These energetic chains, restricted us from coming into a full rememberance of our dormant or latent identity, as powerful creator beings.

The TimeLine Café is now here and available online 24/7 to provide servings of pure creational ‘life force energy’, in the form of ‘light infusions’. These powerful light infusions will enable you to break free from the negative energies which have long suppressed you.

Just because you don’t believe it, doesn’t mean it isn’t true

…. Andy Rooney.

The awakening is taking place on a global level, as well as, on a cosmic level; and it is being experienced by all of us, in our own unique ways. Over the past 70 odd years, our physical bodies have been slowly preparing itself for these coming changes, and it has been going through monumental physiological alterations. These changes have been presenting themselves as a series of symptoms, and conventional allopathic medicine has been busily attributing these ‘symptoms’, to some form of ‘new’ illness, syndrome or disease.

If you look back over the past 20 – 30 years, you will be truly amazed at the huge influx of newly named illnesses and diseases, which have been steadily creeping into our mainstream existence.

Daily, we see and experience the reality of the incoming energies, amidst all of the so called chaos, which is taking place all around the globe, on so many levels. Though at first glance, it may appear to be utter chaos; on another more esoteric level, it is merely the outer manifestations of the earth preparing itself to accommodate the new incoming energies.

The new energies are busily dismantling the old oppressive, outgoing paradigm, along with its divisive energies, and is now ushering in a new energy; an energy which is supportive and inclusive in nature. These new incoming energies are currently restructuring the very foundations upon which humanity will base it’s very existence. They are restructuring the very fabric of our major institutions, e.g: our governments, religions, financial institutions, educational systems, social organizations, as well as, our climate, to name a few.

However, there have always been those who have always been aware of what is truly taking place, and they have been steadily, and relentlessly working in the background, to bring this knowledge to the attention of the general population.

Many of these ‘way-showers’, endured ridicule and oppression, and many more suffered great physical, and emotional hardships, and sadly many made the ultimate sacrifice for the priviledge of bringing this information forward, with their very lives.

However, the strange thing about ‘real’ truth, is that once it takes hold of you, not only will it not let go of you, YOU will not let go of It. ‘Truth’ is ALWAYS revealed, at the right moment and at the right time.

This is the right moment and NOW is the right time, and The TimeLine Café,

is proud to be part of, and to help celebrate the arrival of this truly ‘cosmic moment’. Over the past few years, The TimeLine Café, a.k.a The TLC, has slowly and meticulously created a menu, which is a compilation of some of the most powerful energetic ‘tools’, that are currently available today, for use by humanity.

These energetic ‘tools’ will serve to assist humanity, as they prepare themselves, for their personal transformations, and transmutations, into the ‘New Era’.

In this pivotal year of 2012, The TimeLine Café is now open and available online, 24/7, to be of service to humanity, as they step FORWARD into their new identity as, Homo Intelligenscious, the awakened Man and Woman!

Welcome to The TLC where we provide ‘Tender Loving Care’ for your Body, Mind & Spirit, in the form of ‘Light Infusions.’